**Exclusive Interview** Dior Adores: Jade Jolie

So the fact that my latest interview was the first cast member on season five of RuPaul’s Drag Race to respond to my weekly live-tweeting of the show had very little do with her being my favorite queen this past season (Although it certainly didn’t hurt!). It didn’t change the fact that she is arguably the most adorable queen ever to grace the stage on the show. It also didn’t change the fact that my favorite queen each time has never won that season (Sorry’s go out to Shannel, Pandora, Manila and Chad too! I guess I’m bad luck!). But regardless of all that, it doesn’t change the fact that I am thrilled today to talk with the adorable, fabulous, rainbowriffic…….Miss Jade Jolie!
Chiffon Dior:  Jade, thank you so much for making the time to talk with me finally. I know your schedule since you’ve been on the show has been CRAZY! Are finally able to start catching up on your sleep a little?
Jade Jolie: Yay! I adore you Chiffon and super excited that we’re finally doing this! I definitely have! Haha! My mornings have became late evenings as I tend to hibernate with a lot of video games when I’m home.
CD: Well its a mutual lovefest Jade because you were far and away my favorite queen on this past season of Drag Race. Since you mentioned video games, that seems like a good place to start. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you get your drag name from a video game character?
JJ: Awwe! Thank you my lovely! Indeed I’ve always been open with my gamer side. One of my favorite games since a kid was Mortal Kombat and the character Jade was by far my favorite character. It  just stuck in my mind and that was instantly my drag name when I began.
CD: Well that is a much more fabulous name than Liu Kang Jolie so I think you made a good choice. So what was your first love then, video games or drag?
JJ: Hahaha! I completely agree although Shao Kahn Jolie does have a nice ring to it though! Its hard to say but probably drag, even though I didn’t realize it. When I was really young, in elementary school, I remember putting on a full musical show of The Little Mermaid. I put my legs through one pant leg to make fins and my bean bag was the rock for Part of Your World. To say the least, it was one of my best performances to date! I even made my family buy tickets! Haha!
CD: I think Shao Kahn Jolie might be a bit too ethnic for some folks still, considering that people are freaking out about an interracial Cheerios commercial this week. So are you lucky that there was no Youtube around for that Little Mermaid performance or do you think you missed your chance to become a viral video star at an early age? In all seriousness though, when did you first become aware and interested in drag?
JJ: Wow! I must have missed that but I’m all about the love, just up in the rainbows so to speak! Oh my goodness that is too funny though! I could have give Lindsay Lohan a run for her money with that video! Haha! As for drag, its hard to say exactly when. I always had a incredible amount of respect for woman. All of my heroes and inspirations were female. My first education on drag was when I saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Too Wong Foo, which are still two of my favorite movies today. A part of me was always prepared and eager. I actually began performing though as soon as I turned eighteen. Right away I was at the closest talent contest that I could find!
CD: Well I guess if you’re performing to the Little Mermaid before you even hit your teens, I would assume you were chomping at the bit to get on stage once you turned eighteen! So once you got started, did the drag bug bite you right away at that point? How did your career start to unfold once you did that talent contest?
JJ: Oh trust I was! My life was completely consumed and began my baby booger phase! Haha! I did very well and it really was a key to building confidence, confidence that I didn’t know I had.
CD: Now you’re from Florida, correct? How was the scene in the Sunshine State for a little fledgling drag princess? Were you always the Rainbows and Unicorns and Cupcakes queen that we see today or did that happen over time?
JJ: I sure am . To be honest Florida was very competitive and sometimes a cut throat community. I mean that in a positive regard because there are a lot of beautiful and talented queens, many of which are also very experienced in pageants. It was intimidating at first but I always brought what I had to the table and thankfully it got me far . My style has always been very colorful and eclectic. My love for unicorns and rainbows has been since forever but especially when I found Lisa Frank!
CD: Can you fill in the readers that might not have had a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper in junior high school who she is?
JJ: Lisa Frank is a genius who combines stars, hearts, horses, unicorns, bears with glasses in overalls, hot air balloons and dolphins all in one incredibly rainbowtastic technicolor work of art that just makes me love everything about it! If you haven’t seen something by Lisa Frank your missing out.
CD: So when is she going to start making some Jade Jolie art? It sounds like the logical next step!
JJ: That would be completely ideal, I need her to get on the Jolie train already!
CD: It seems like a match made in rainbow heaven! Either that or someone in Hollywood casting you in a live-action remake of Jem and the Holograms!
JJ: If that ever became a reality I’d throw some pearls to get to the front of that line! Haha!
CD: Well that would be very Nomi Malone of you! So would you say that the competitiveness of the Florida drag scene helped prepare you for Drag Race? How did Drag Race come about for you?
JJ: I think the Florida drag scene definitely helped me develop a tough skin and to be able to take what you dish out ! When I first heard that Drag Race was a reality, it immediately became a goal of mine,  something I knew I wanted to be a part of one day!
CD: How many times did you apply before they finally took you?
JJ: I didn’t feel completely ready to apply until season 4. I came very close and that just gave me the motivation to try even harder the following year.
CD: So was the experience at all what you expected or did you simply have no idea what to expect?
JJ: I honestly had my viewer perception of what it might be like but honestly it turned out I really didn’t have any clear idea. It was hard work but the experience was one of the most memorable and treasured times I’ve had to date.
CD: The viewer perception is something I find very interesting about the show and in reality shows in general. Through the magic of editing, the producers can tell almost any story they want to tell. After living through the show and then watching it play out on television, do you feel that you were treated fairly by the editors?
JJ: I don’t want to say things aren’t said or  didn’t happen because I always take responsibility for what comes out of my mouth whether its pretty or not. But sometimes you only see part of a conversation that can easily be misinterpreted and honestly its an entire day cut into forty five minute show so there are bound to be chunks missing. I think my “sour” side was focused on which is fine because you can’t get the sweet without the sour. One thing I thought was viewers didn’t get to see was the friendships I shared for instance with Coco or Jinkx whom I’ve had the pleasuring of knowing for years prior to the show. When I was eliminated Jinkx came to the runway to hug me on my departure but on the show I just fade into the beads! Haha!
CD: So just as the show was getting set to premiere, a story started circulating online about some things you had done in the past of an adult nature. Personally I thought the way you handled the whole thing was perfect and unapologetic. How did you feel when those stories began to come out? Did you feel like it rained on your parade or were you able to look past it and focus on the excitement of the premiere?
JJ: I knew that putting yourself in a public eye, things will come to light but I still feel passionately the same. I strongly believe in moving forward and the things in my past just helped me get to here today. The premiere was my time to enjoy with my friends and sit back and savor the moment. If anyone got their panties in a bunch, that’s unfortunate for them. I believe in no regrets but if I had one it would be that you can find most my “work” on such cheap free websites! Haha!!
CD: Kudos to you for that attitude gurl! So one thing I have always wanted to know is what happens to the queens once they get eliminated. Are you still sequestered or do they send you right home after you’re eliminated? Now that you’ve seen the season play out, which challenge that you didn’t get to do would you have liked a crack at?
JJ: Its very much adios! You make your lipstick goodbyes, gather your draglongings and leave the following day. I really would have loved to had a shot at the perfume challenge! I would have made them “smell the rainbow”! That or the candy challenge would have been a blast.
CD: If you didn’t win the candy challenge, there would have been no justice in this world! 
JJ: None at all Chiffon!!!! Hahaha!
CD: So what would be your advice to all the queens who are aspiring to be on future seasons of the show?
JJ: Don’t try to be anything but you! Really let your personality shine and show how well rounded and diverse you can be!

CD: What were your thoughts on how the rest of the season played out? Were you rooting for Jinkx based on your friendship with her?


JJ: Honestly I’m so thrilled for Jinkx and was rooting her. She is so incredibly talented with the kindest genuine personality! She will doing big things for sure!

CD: So what have you been up to since the show has ended? Are you feeling like people treat you differently now that you’ve been on television?
JJ: I think you run into a few people who feel that television changes things but I try to honestly keep to myself for the most part aside from my boyfriend and my few close friends on my free time. Since the show has ended I definitely have been blessed being able to travel to places I’ve never been and meet so many amazing people and fans (Jewels) from all over. Everything has really has been for the positive its still surreal.
CD: That is good to hear. Now that you’ve had such a high profile drag achievement at an early age, what is left for you on the old bucket list so to speak? Jem and the Holograms movie aside, what is out there that you still want to accomplish?
JJ: Really at this point the sky is the limit. On a random fandom dream I’d love to be featured in adventure time I had an amazing artist draw my character likeness from the finale and I strongly feel Unicorn Drag Princess should make an appearance haha. I’ve been dabbling with a few projects but just expect more rainbows and unicorns soon!
CD: If someone only knew you from their television screen or from seeing you perform, what do you feel is the biggest misconception about you or the biggest thing that people just don’t know about you?
JJ: I think from TV you don’t see how fun loving and carefree I really am and how my rainbows persona reflects me. I think if you see me perform I try to have fun and just give off as much positive energy as possible. I feel that is how it comes off and hopefully the audience does as well. Life is too short  so do your thing I say!
CD:Aside from the times when you’re commenting on someone’s “backrolls”? 
JJ: HAHA! I’m claiming I was possessed by angry middle schoolers! I love Alyssa and at least that Untucked is the one that will be remembered from this season! Haha!
CD: So what do you have coming up gig-wise for all of people who want to come see you turn it out?
JJ: I’m actually going to be starting a mini tour throughout Texas starting the 13th of this month. You can get all my updates on where I’m at and going to be on my site, www.JadeJolie.com or on my Twitter and Facebook pages as well! And if you don’t have anything else to blow your money on there’s always some Jewel Apparel available now at the web store on my website as well!
CD: Jade, thank you so much honey for taking the time to talk with me tonight. Do you have any final words of wisdom to share with your fans and my readers?
JJ: I just really want to thank everyone for the amount of support and love I’ve received and continue to receive. Unicorn Kisses for everyone!!! Thank you for talking with me Chiffon!

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